Biography of Ranka Burzan

Biography of Ranka Burzan

When you meet Ranka Burzan, you immediately feel her warmth and sincerity. Her smile and friendliness put you at ease and make you feel like you’re with an old friend. What you may not know is the extreme struggles and insurmountable challenges she faced, and overcame, to get where she is today.

Today Ranka runs a very successful company called S.O.S. – Solutions Organizing Simple which offers organization services and so much more. She is also a well-known author of two e-books called, “Kick the Clutter, Get Organized” and “What’s the Price of YOUR Procrastination”. Her workshops are very interactive and humorous and her new coaching program is sure to help break those bad procrastination habits. Ranka started this company in her late 50’s and her success is largely due to her ability to understand people, see the bigger picture and her unwavering confidence.

Confidence isn’t the word though that Ranka would have used before to describe herself. Born in former Yugoslavia, Ranka soon discovered at age five that she was partially blind, with it worsening as she aged. This contributed to her low self-esteem, continuous depression and fear to move forward. Nevertheless, Ranka was always seeking more. Courageously, at 17, she moved away to Austria. From there she worked at a few jobs, always dreaming of coming to Canada.

That dream came true, when at 20 years old, Ranka immigrated to Canada with no specific skills, not knowing English and a child in her arms. She soon found work at a daycare with infants and toddlers, quickly learning most of her English from them! At age 32 she went to college and obtained her Early Childhood Certification in New Westminster, BC where she settled. By this time, the bit of sight Ranka still had was now compromised. She agreed to successful cataract surgery which led to some life altering decisions, including the beginning of her business at 56 years old. After organizing children, daycare homes, classrooms and multicultural events, her organizing skills were superb and a perfect transition to her organizing business.

Ranka has since published over 30 national and international articles on organizing, downsizing and how to live a more productive and happy life. Her expertise has been seen in the Globe and Mail and Ladies Home Journal and she has appeared on local television stations like Joy TV and Immigrant TV. Ranka has literally helped hundreds of people for over a decade now organizing their homes, offices, classrooms and lives. From simple closet clutter to full on hoarding situations, Ranka deals with her clients with complete respect, compassion, integrity and kindness. Her background and life experiences help her to have empathy for the challenges her clients face and her greatest reward is their satisfaction.

Ranka loves what she does and is very passionate about helping others. Her clients not only have all their organization needs met, they also have an emotional transformation with many finding new confidence, pride and positivity. This is largely due to Ranka’s belief that clutter affects the whole family and that we need to deal with the complete person since disorganization often happens from loss – loss of finances, loss of loved ones and more. It’s about seeing clearly, moving forward and taking control over your life.

Because of the results Ranka gets, she is one of the most sought after professionals speakers in BC. Her expertise, experience and non-judgmental support motivates people to develop a healthy outlook on life so they can achieve what they desire. 

Save yourself valuable time and go from chaos to clarity with Solutions Organizing Simple! Ranka promises to be the driving force behind you.

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