Biography of Ranka Burzan

Ranka Burzan started her career as a professional organizer when she was 56 years young, and at a time when most people have dreams of retiring and slowing down. She has the desire and determination to help others to achieve their goals and live the life they want and deserve. At the same time, she was in the process of changing her life by choosing simplicity and creativity to help herself and her family.

 At present Ranka owns Solutions Organizing Simple business, specializing in life coaching, senior downsizing, residential organizing and staging – preparing homes for sale. During the past few years, Ranka has published over fifty articles in local and international newspapers and magazines. She was interviewed by national and international media including Joy TV, Globe and Mail, Immigrant TV, and Ladies Home Journal.

.Ranka is the author of two e-books “Don’t Agonize, Organize” and “What’s the Price of YOUR Procrastination?” Check out her website for two of her ground-breaking coaching programs

She also created a line of her own natural, non–toxic cleaning products.

Ranka is committed to her work, raising funds for different charities including the CKNW Orphan Fund, Breast Cancer Society, and Grace House, a transition home for battered women.

For more information about Solutions Organizing Simple services, books, articles, coaching programs, workshops and cleaning products call Ranka at 604 578-8954 or visit her website

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