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S.O.S Mission Statement

The Solutions Organizing Simple  (S.O.S) mission statement is to create a functional and beautiful home to help people live a thriving and clutter free life.

We will show you many ways to let go of the old stuff that is not useful to you and your family. Your organized home will increase your energy while reducing anxiety and overwhelm that clutter creates.

Our goal is to guide you to achieve harmony in your home or work place. We succeed when we deliver exceptionally great service and you move forward to the life you desire and deserve.

We generously share our own unique skills, talents and life experiences to inspire you to recognize your own abilities and strengths.

We Succeed When You Succeed!

Yours Truly! The Canadian Queen Of Clean


OUR VISION To continue to be the most valued and established organizing company in Canada. To assist our clients to thrive in their organized and functional home or office.

To help our clients recognize the benefits of living organized and clutter free life while  having a feeling of comfort, peace and harmony. We believe that an organized and functional home contributes to a healthy and thriving family.

 We will guide families to work together for the benefits and enjoyment of all family members. We believe the children that contribute to family unity tend to grow up to be skilled, caring and confident adults.

Ranka the owner

About Ranka

The company was founded by Ranka Burzan who very soon realized that the service is badly

needed by those that don’t have time to maintain their homes and offices.

Working with children in classrooms and other settings gave Ranka an opportunity to organize classrooms, multicultural events, daycares and other institutions.

If getting organized is a challenge for you, then Ranka’s team at Solutions Organizing Simple can help. They will demonstrate many simple ways to conquer your clutter, provide you with tools and tips, and most importantly assist you in developing a system to help you get and stay organized. Ranka’s team is energetic, highly motivational, non-judgemental, compassionate and known to get results.


Solutions Organizing Simple (S.O.S) hold themselves to the utmost values of professionalism and integrity. If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed with amount of clutter in your home or office, call me The Canadian Queen Of Clean!

“The Life You Crave, We Can Create!” Ranka

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