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Are you passionate about helping people simplify their lives by organizing their homes or offices?

In this fast-paced and busy society, professional organizers are needed and  in demand more than ever before.

If helping others have more productive and rewarding lives has inspired you to be a professional organizer, this coaching program is for you.  It is divided into three parts.

Part One equips you with information about where to register your business, what equipment and supplies you will need to begin and successfully operate an organizing business.

Part Two will build your confidence as you complete the many exercises I have created.  to help you discover what, if anything, is holding you back form becoming the successful home organize you desire and deserve to become.

Part Three will advise you on successful strategies to build your credentials, set competitive prices for your expertise, create effective press releases, and utilize the best marketing resources to promote your business.

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This innovative and focused program is packed with information, marketing ideas and examples of successful advertising, to help you start your own organizing business.

Written by organizing expert Ranka Burzan, this course will tell you everything you need to know about creating a successful career in a professional organizing.

 You Will Learn: 

  • Where and how to register your new business
  • How to choose your company name and tag line
  • Where and how to promote your business
  • How to identify your strengths and challenges
  • How to gain practical knowledge in clients’ homes or offices
  • How to build your personal and professional network and support system
  • The short cuts to becoming a writer and expert in the field of organizing
  • How to scope-out and access local networking and business building events.

I’d like to highly recommend Ranka Burzan’s coaching program…..if you want achieve greater success in your life, overcome procrastination and get organized, look no further – simply ask RANKA of Solutions Organizing Simple. Her energy and enthusiasm is boundless, she knows how to inspire and motivate, when to be patient and when to kick start you to keep that momentum going.

The information Ranka will share with you is invaluable, and she’ll give you answers to questions you didn’t even know you had. Her “Packages” unlock a step by step guide to building and strengthening not only your business but YOU. Her books and articles are jam-packed with tips and insights but her support goes way beyond just the theoretical.

Ranks coaching program is a perfect blend of support, honesty, goal setting, evaluation and humour. She is so generous with her information and skills. Ranka will inspire you for business and personal success! Don’t delay, e-mail her today. Thank You, Ranka!

Allison Double

Owner, Simply Styled & Organized

What Will You Get?


Sales & Marketing

Nobody is born with the sales and marketing skills needed it to have a successful business. These skills are learned and practised over and over. I will give you educational marketing skills that will work every time, in any service-oriented business. You will learn the skill and power of “Give to Get” marketing ads that will help you turn prospects into paying clients. Remember: a good business must be built on relationships and trust. Using my methods, you will become known as a trustworthy and respected expert in your field.

Serve the World

Why limit yourself to serving your town or city?  With computer and social media savvy, you can offer webinars, on line courses, educational programs etc. Because I overcame my personal challenges with procrastination, I was able to write a book about it, present many workshops and create a program to help others walk away from this debilitating habit. “Think out of box” is dated. My mantra is! “Don’t have the box!”

Become A Professional Organizer!

If you have the desire and know-how to create an organized and functional space, this exciting career is for you. However, having these skills alone is not enough to make you a successful professional organizer. Understanding and compassion are essential to helping somebody overcome their obstacles of fear, anxiety and overwhelm. Helping somebody change is both challenging and rewarding. As you receive letters or e-mails thanking you for helping a client change and move forward in life, you will realize that your life and business has meaning and purpose.  There is no better feeling than to know you are making a positive difference in the world!

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"What’s the Price of Your Procrastination? "

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"Fifty Tips to Organize and Simplify Your Life"

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"Don't Agonize, Organize"

Downloadable e-book

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Ranka Burzan
Professional Organizer, Author & Speaker

“The Life You Crave, You Can Create!” ~ Ranka

Ranka is a nationally recognized speaker, consultant and coach, and an expert in the field of organizing, time management and productivity. Her energy, humour and passion for educating people to succeed will motivate you to change your habits and achieve the life you desire and deserve.

Ranka’s personal story is powerful and inspiring. Born into poverty in Eastern Europe, Ranka’s life was one of struggle and frustration due to a congenital visual impaired. However, when she moved to Canada and received an operation that improved her vision, she developed the strength and passion to help others.

Even though she spoke no English, she was determined to work and become proficient in one of the official languages of her new-found home land. With the help and encouragement of Canadian friends and teachers, she accomplished this goal along with the confidence to begin her work of helping others.

Since that time, Ranka has published over thirty articles and two books. Over the past fifteen years, she has presented hundreds of workshops to schools, corporations, real estate companies and nor profit organizations.

Presentation for Surrey School Board

“Ranka is a fantastic presenter starting with a high energy introduction that really got everyone’s attention. The two hours went by fast and we left feeling ready to take on the world or at least what we have been avoiding!”

Erin McCabe, Frank Hurt Secondary,
Surrey, BC

“We were very pleased with the reactions to Ranka’s presentation that included ‘excellent’, ‘…great ideas with lots of humour. Thanks, Ranka! Ken Hoff, SD#35 Ranka’s presentation was instrumental in providing a valuable and fun day for our staff.”

Become a Professional Organizer Program