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Don’t Agonize, Organize!

Will I Ever get Organized?

When was the last time you said those words?  Maybe it was when you couldn’t find your car keys or your wallet. Perhaps it was when you couldn’t find those important papers and you were late for work, again.  Maybe you’d like to be less stressed and overwhelmed but you don’t know what to do about it or where to start.

Unorganized people often lose an hour a day looking for the things they need.  They lose even more time procrastinating, not being able to decide on what to do first. Clutter is costing you about 20% of your budget!

By organizing and maintaining your home you will find more time and joy in your life and with your family. By getting rid of your clutter, you will feel less overwhelmed, better able to make important decisions about your life. Studies show that we only use 20% of our belongings. Remember this when you decide to organize and clean your home.

With a cleaner home you will have a clearer mind and will be more inclined to create and pursue your goals and dreams.

I’ll do it tomorrow, next week, I’ll get to it….eventually!

Having a desire to be organized is not enough to succeed. In order to achieve our goal to get organized we need a plan, commitment, focus and perseverance. The biggest challenge is changing our behaviour and habits. It also helps if we acquire the right support, tools and products to simplify the process of maintaining our homes.

Getting started is often the most difficult part of getting organized. You may not know why you procrastinate, where and how to start, but with a simple plan you’ll learn the concept of organization. It helps if you are ready to commit, change your habits and get control over clutter and your life. Getting organized is not about getting rid of your possessions, it’s about recognizing what is important to you and your family and letting go of the rest.  It’s about recognizing the different types of procrastination – the difference between productive procrastination and the fear of success.

Learn what is holding you back and meet it head on.

As one who unconsciously collects clutter and saves everything for “later on”, it was refreshing to read Ranka’s book and come away with a whole new perspective on de-cluttering. I was so inspired that I made a list and have started working through de-cluttering my whole house. I feel great! Ranka is a talented, inspirational and highly knowledgeable woman, an expert in her area. Her book should be read and used by everyone; it’s a necessary tool and I highly recommend it.”


Frances McGuckin

Don’t Agonize, Organize!

​100’s of Easy ’GREEN’ Tips & Techniques
to Organize and Clean Your Home and Office

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The Price of Procrastination

What is the price of your procrastination?
In which areas of your life do you procrastinate?

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Don’t Agonize, Organize + The Price of Procrastination Handbook
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