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This SOS Deluxe Cleaners Package is combined to help you effectively keep your home toxin-free, clean and fresh.

SOS cleaning products on display

SOS Granny Scrub Biodegradable, Non – Toxic 226 grams — $25 each

SOS Granny’s Scrub is a natural, mild abrasive paste that is of equal strength to a famous eraser, yet safe to use on your sinks, bathtubs, laminate countertops, your child’s masterpiece on the walls, your child’s crib, high chair and toys. Use Granny Scrub to clean your pet dishes and toys.

SOS Pure Deodorizing Spray 125 ml. — $20 each

Use it safely on pet bedding, toys, sport equipment, inside shoes, garbage cans, kitchens, closets, bathrooms, or whatever else you may require a deodorizing spray. Tinosan works by killing bacteria that causes bad odors, while essential oils leave a fresh clean scent.

SOS All Purpose Cleaner – Concentrate 500 ml. — $25 each

SOS All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate is a natural, non-toxic multi-surface cleaner and disinfectant. The all purpose cleaner will clean and disinfect your kitchen counters, cabinets, floors, walls, bathrooms and toilets. Safe and recommended to clean your child’s crib, high chair and toys. Use our all-purpose spray to clean your pet blankets, dishes and toys. Safely removes the carpet stains of ketchup, mustard, red wine, coffee, oil and lipstick.

The Package Price (one of each) — $70.00

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Product Reviews

Felicia Lee, Ghost CEO Advisor
“My young baby puts everything in her mouth, so needless to say when Ranka showed
me her cleaning solution, I was sold! We use it to clean all our surfaces and children’s
toys and I love the clean, fresh scent it leaves and appreciate knowing my children are
safe from toxic ingredients.”
Robin Braidwood, Library Technician Fraser Valley Regional Library
Hi Ranka! “Recently a guest spilt an entire glass of red wine on my medium grey
carpet. Your fantastic all-purpose cleaner came to the rescue once again! The stain is
completely gone. Your products are fabulous.”
Yvonne Dion
Ranka, “I gave my sister who has allergies to smells some of your cleaners and she
had no side effects, she loves them. I also use your cleaners and love how I don’t have
the clutter of different cleaners under my sink. They work great and are a good value for
my money. My sister and I will keep using your cleaners.”
Monique Mallette, Area Coordinator, Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver
Ranka “I’ve wanted you to know how great your products work – and you can quote me on
that! You would never guess what I cleaned this spring? My entire gas BBQ! Let me put
it to you this way, I should have cleaned my BBQ last year – yes last year! Well, you
can only imagine how dirty it was when I opened it up for use this year.

It was not only dirty it was extremely moldy with old stuck on food – possibly poisonous.
OMG I’m a wee bit embarrassed telling anyone this. But your SOS products brought
my BBQ back to a nice, clean, shiny, not to mention – usable state again!

Thank you so very much – I’m so glad I was introduced to these highly effective &
environmentally safe SOS products. Monique Mallette, Area Coordinator, Real Estate
Board of Greater Vancouver 604.730.3049

Edith Katronis
Rankas cleaning products are wonderful and all natural and safe to use. Hope you sell
lots. The Dragon’s should know about you!!!
Jackie Maclean
Ranka Just finished mopping kitchen floors with Ranka Burzan ‘s cleaning products..
Sooooooooo awesome! Thank you Ranka for all you do.”

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