Ranka's Story

Ranka’s Story

My Life, From Victim to Victory

I was 5 years old when I discovered that telling secrets about my problem was not safe, so I decided to keep them to myself.

You see, I told my father that I couldn’t visually see him, my mom or my brothers.  He not only chose not to believe me, but he decided to test me, in front of his drunken buddies. He threw a needle on the dirt floor, asking me to find it. When I couldn’t, he kicked me with his hard steel boots, knocking me down and calling me a liar. My, father was a very angry and abusive man who simply didn’t want this needy child in his life.

That same day I decided to keep the secret of shame and rejection to myself.

At nine, I started to write poetry about injustice, violence and abuse in the family. This was my little secret and preparation to become a writer, helping others to achieve a life they desire.

My life continued to be difficult, as the hunger, cold and abuse didn’t stop. 

I was fourteen years old, when I started working, to help my family. At this time, I bought myself glasses that made me very self-conscious, because they were thick and not very attractive. Again, I was bullied by kids, adults and rejected by those that were supposed to love me. 

At eighteen, I become a mom to a beautiful little girl. For the first time, I felt loved and I had a reason to live. 

After a few years of living in Vienna, at the age of twenty, I immigrated to Canada. I was so looking for a better life for me and my daughter. Instead, I found myself in the biggest nightmare that anybody could imagine. I was married to a very angry and abusive man, who seemed to enjoy beating myself and my child.

After a year in Canada, my second little girl was born. She, too, was beautiful and healthy. With two kids, a lack of English language skills and support, I become severely depressed and suicidal. As the abuse escalated daily, I was forced to escape to women’s shelter a few times. 

It took me thirty years to summon the courage to leave the relationship and start my life over again. That was only twenty years ago. After publishing an article for the local newspaper that had a perfect title, “Ten tips to organize your life”, I was so excited that I finally had something to say and share, without being ridiculed. 

I don’t want you to wait one more day, to start living the life you desire!

Maybe the questions below would encourage you to start.


Is this where you are at in life right now? So, what’s holding you back?

  • Is it your unhappy and difficult childhood?
  • Is it the unhealthy decisions you made?
  • Is it the bad habits you created?
  • Or is it your outdated beliefs about yourself?

To answer all of these important questions, you have to be honest with yourself and willing to become accountable for your life. Blaming others, as I have done, is not beneficial and it only prolongs your life of unhappiness. 

My confidence soared and my life began with new passion and opportunities. I created a company that helps people to organize and live a life of function and simplicity. After publishing over 50 articles, both nationally and internationally, I have realized that my information IS helping people, to transform their home and life.

I have presented hundreds of workshops, sharing my passion for a better and creative life. I become a voice of encouragement to people ready to change, from being stuck and overwhelmed with life, to feeling empowered and productive.

I have been supported and coached by some of the best motivational leaders in the world. With their help and my learning and courage to change, I have helped hundreds of people to transform their lives, from victim to victory. 

Today, I have a fulfilling life and a desire to help others, to achieve their dreams. I also believe that my coaching program, “Stop Procrastinating, Start Living,” will give you the tools to improve the function of your home and the quality of your life.


Please, read the introduction to my coaching program, then decide if it is for you. I wish you the best of happiness and success!



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