S.O.S is Green, How About You?

S.O.S cleaning products are safe

Are you concerned about harsh and toxic chemicals in your household cleaning products? Are you looking to switch to all-natural cleaners but are uncertain about strength and efficiency? We have the answer for your environmental dilemma.

Now is the perfect time for you to switch to our cleaning products, ones that protect your family and pet’s health and work as well or better than the chemically laden big name brands. Because we use essential oils for fragrance (your choice lavender or lemon) our cleaners smell fresh and inviting. Also, available in unscented.

For the past fourteen years in business we have organized and cleaned hundreds of homes across the Lower Mainland. Almost every house we cleaned had at least ten bottles of different toxic cleaners under their sink. I knew that our clients simply want an easy, harmless way to clean that works. Allergies, asthma, headaches or other illnesses creep into homes and can affect your family’s health and well being.

Susan Kennedy, director for Health and Environmental Research at UBC, says many studies advise consumers to check labels of household products and avoid those with amine- based ingredients, such as ammonium chloride.

When I first started making my cleaners, I was determined to find a better way to clean our clients’ homes. Having grandkids and great grandkids, I am always concerned about their health and looking for ways to minimize their exposure to harmful substances.

SOS cleaners are both non-toxic and all-natural. Families with small children and seniors benefit greatly as both too often suffer from breathing problems and asthma.Over a short period of time, you will save money on household cleaners and medical bills.

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