Are you ready for change?

  • Are you ready to change your unhealthy habits?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed with unfinished projects and postponed decisions?
  • You can’t find your keys, wallet or important document?
  • Is the clutter in your home affecting you and your family’s health?
  • Would you like to have more time and less stress in your life?

For companies, organizations and offices

  • Are your offices cluttered and unwelcome?
  • Are there more excuses than results?
  • Is procrastination stifling your productivity?
  • Do you avoid going to your office?
  • You want to get organized but don’t know where to start. 

Workshop Benefits

  • A successful S.P.A.C.E Formula guaranteed to de-clutter your home/ office
  • Simple and practical tips on how to start the process of de-cluttering
  • Suggestions for appropriate containers, baskets, and tools
  • Powerful tips and tools to maintain your home, office or classroom
  • Many exercises and handouts to help you achieve the success you desire

NOTE: We offer custom seminars for companies, organizations and offices to help you and your staff increase productivity and pleasure at work.

Testimonials from previous events

Erin McCabe, Frank Hurt Secondary Pro D Chair
“I recently invited Ranka to present her ‘What’s the Price of Your Procrastination’ workshop
for our school’s Pro D Day in May. Fifteen of our staff participated and loved every
minute of it. Ranka is a fantastic presenter starting with a high energy introduction that
really got everyone’s attention. She asked lots of questions to the audience to keep
everyone engaged. In addition, Ranka has built into her presentation opportunities to
think, pair up with a buddy to discuss and then share with the whole group. This helped
us to internalize what we were learning and relate it to our own procrastination. At the
same time, the sharing out made us aware that everyone was struggling with a little
procrastination somewhere in their lives. The two hours went by fast and we left feeling
ready to take on the world or at least what we have been avoiding!
Ken Hoff, SD#35 (Langley)
“Ranka Burzan of Solutions Organizing Simple presented to over 150 of our CUPE staff
as part of a professional development day in our district. We were very pleased with the
reactions to Ranka’s presentation that included ‘excellent’, ‘…great ideas with lots of
humour’ and ‘…big fun…bring back the clutter lady!’ Ranka’s presentation was instrumental
in providing a valuable and fun day for our staff. Thanks, Ranka!”
Frances Thomson, George Mackie Library.
“Thank you for presenting your workshop, it was excellent. The topic was effectively
presented and I know the audience found the evening informative and entertaining. One
of the participants described it as “empowering”
Royal LePage Wolstencroft Realty, Langley, B.C.
We recently invited Ranka to present a workshop for our office regarding procrastination
and de-cluttering our lives, homes and offices. She delivered an entertaining, high energy
presentation, which was thought provoking, informative and provided us with the
tools that can be used in our everyday lives.

We would definitely recommend her as a speaker to any organization. Well worth the
time spent.

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