Erin McCabe, Frank Hurt Secondary Pro D Chair
“I recently invited Ranka to present her ‘What’s the Price of Your Procrastination’ workshop
for our school’s Pro D Day in May. Fifteen of our staff participated and loved every
minute of it. Ranka is a fantastic presenter starting with a high energy introduction that
really got everyone’s attention. She asked lots of questions to the audience to keep
everyone engaged. In addition, Ranka has built into her presentation opportunities to
think, pair up with a buddy to discuss and then share with the whole group. This helped
us to internalize what we were learning and relate it to our own procrastination. At the
same time, the sharing out made us aware that everyone was struggling with a little
procrastination somewhere in their lives. The two hours went by fast and we left feeling
ready to take on the world or at least what we have been avoiding!
Ken Hoff, SD#35 (Langley)
“Ranka Burzan of Solutions Organizing Simple presented to over 150 of our CUPE staff
as part of a professional development day in our district. We were very pleased with the
reactions to Ranka’s presentation that included ‘excellent’, ‘…great ideas with lots of
humour’ and ‘…big fun…bring back the clutter lady!’ Ranka’s presentation was instrumental
in providing a valuable and fun day for our staff. Thanks, Ranka!”
Frances Thomson, George Mackie Library.
“Thank you for presenting your workshop, it was excellent. The topic was effectively
presented and I know the audience found the evening informative and entertaining. One
of the participants described it as “empowering”
Royal LePage Wolstencroft Realty, Langley, B.C.
We recently invited Ranka to present a workshop for our office regarding procrastination
and de-cluttering our lives, homes and offices. She delivered an entertaining, high energy
presentation, which was thought provoking, informative and provided us with the
tools that can be used in our everyday lives.

We would definitely recommend her as a speaker to any organization. Well worth the
time spent.

Gabor Maté M.D.
Ranka Burzan and Solutions Organizing Simple Team are a god-send to anyone struggling to create order in their home or office. Ranka cheerfully helps, arranges, consults and teaches. I have personally benefited from her services and recommend her highly.
Lise Bradley
I would recommend Ranka to anyone for the simple reason that she works with a sense of pride and her creativity far surpasses your expectations. I am forever grateful to Ranka from Solutions Organizing Simple for making my life stress free.
Doug Dyer
Ranka brings a very special perspective to organization and sorting out one’s “stuff”. As a home based realtor, having an office that works smoothly has always been a challenge. Ranka helped me where time could be saved and showed me how to TIDY UP MY LIFE.
Michele Lonergan
I absolutely feel that it was by divine intervention that we found Ranka when we did. She was indispensable help in showing me that we could “tame the clutter beast”. She helped me realize I wasn’t a failure at all, I just didn’t understand the process of successful organization. She gave me incredible motivation and support, and most importantly developed systems of organizing that were expertly tailored to our needs. What a relief! Even though Ranka is capable of tacking very intimidating tasks head-on, she is highly sensitive to the difficulty people may have in saying goodbye to certain things. I never felt pressured to take steps I wasn’t ready to take and I always felt comfortable exposing all of our clutter nooks and crannies to Ranka! That step is hard in itself! We shared lots of laughs and I appreciated her for her skill in making such tedious work into fun. I don’t know how she does it, but she does! My husbands recent comment is perhaps the most accurate “That tiny woman is the best thing that has happened to this house since we moved in.” That’s the truth!
Max Pagani
Ranka assisted one of my clients who was trying to get their home ready for Sale. Organizing, removing day to day clutter, cleaning and staging the home, so it was ready to place on the market, was over whelming for them. They both operated their own business and also were raising two active and busy children. I recommended Ranka to my clients to help them get the home ready.
Within two days the home was ready and the transformation was amazing. Bottom line, the home had 4 offers within the first week on the market and the home sold for over asking price, money well spent. My clients were thrilled with Ranka’s friendly, energetic and fun approach. They highly recommended her. Thanks Ranka!
Max Pagani
Royal LePage Realtor
Powell River, BC
604 414-8829
Jeannette Jones

This is an amazing opportunity. If you have any thoughts at all about de-cluttering this is the dream team. Ranks and her daughter Milena came into my house and worked like trojans to de-clutter, sort, organize all of my” stuff.” Worth every penny.

They are professional in every way, friendly and the mental health boost is incredible when all of that” stuff” that I had been hanging on to is cleared out. Bring on 2021. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Ranka Burzan and team! Ranka’s service is bar-none one of the best things I have ever done! Merry Christmas Ranka and I hope you and your family got a much-deserved Christmas break!

Bonnie & Doug Mitten

Thank you, thank you for all your hard work with my parents. The scope of this project was massive and you tackled it with grace, diligence and a well-thought-out plan. We truly appreciate all your hard work and that you were willing to accept the challenge. You and your team did a great job and we are so thankful for all the assistance you provided to my parents. We would be pleased to recommend your services as you very competently meet a significant need in people’s downsizing and relocating situations.
Bonnie & Doug Mitten, Prudential Power Play Realty
604 533-3231 or 604 868-4178

Nancy Pinchin

Thank you for all your hard work, your professionalism, and most of all the promptness with which you turned an empty and bare condo into a warm and welcoming home, ready to sell. This was faster and more efficient than I ever expected and in turn impressed my clients with “ My” services. To make the experience even better the first couple to view the home, bought it. I would not hesitate to recommend you to others. Thank you,

Nancy Pinchin,
Re/Max Treeland Realty,
Langley BC

Tony Zandbergen

I am pleased to recommend Ranka Burzan and her team to anyone who is looking to maximize the value of their home for the purpose of selling faster and gaining a higher price. She is superb at getting the job done on time and on budget. 

Ranka and her team are very capable of downsizing & organizing any space that is cluttered with unwanted items. If you are looking for someone to prepare your home for sale or just to downsize and organize to improve the function and quality of your life then call Ranka and her team. They do the job right the first time.

Tony Zandbergen
Realtor, Re/max, Langley BC

Stanley McFarlen

I hired Ranka and her team to organize, clean and prepare my house for sale. They did an excellent and thorough job, and I wholeheartedly recommend their organizing and staging services. Have your consultation with them, then get out of their way, and let them satisfy you with their excellent and thorough work.

Cathy Clark

Ever meet a person who you say ‘ wow’ they are perfect for what they do!’? Meet Ranka. What a ball of energy, and when you meet Ranka you can’t help but get caught up in it. She puts together a humorous workshop called “Kick the Clutter, Get Organized” that is funny, yet so educational. Her mission is Life is to help everyone feel good in their organized space. Not only do I personally admire this amazing lady, I highly recommend Ranka!

Rana and Ted Loo
You and your team were very efficient, quick and had amazing ideas to get us organized in such little time. I had a huge weight lifted off my shoulders after they came and my stress level came down significantly. Ranka even got my husband to finally purge a ton of junk we were holding on to, something I’ve been trying to do for 6 years. My husband was also happy as Ranka organized our closets so all my shoes fit in them instead of sitting in our doorway. Thanks Ranka, you truly are amazing and a pleasure to work with.
All the Best, Rana and Ted Loo
Edith Katronis, Realtor Homelife Benchmark, Cloverdale BC 604 574-0161
Ranka provides a much needed service to homeowners today who need to downsize, estate sales or folks that are just overwhelmed by the stuff they have in their houses offices and garages.

As a realtor I have seen amazing things Ranka accomplished in preparing houses for sale and increasing their value when they are sold. She cares about her clients and pays attention to their needs.

Ranka is very honest, hardworking and very capable professional. She is well educated in the field of downsizing, organizing and maintaining of homes and offices. I highly recommend Solutions Organizing Simple services.

Change your life and improve the value of your home call Ranka. You are not going to regret.
Edith Katronis,
Realtor Homelife Benchmark,
Cloverdale BC 604 574-0161

Dan and Lily Rath
Ranka and Miki,

It was so much fun getting to know you two and this experience of reducing the clutter… has really been an eye-opener. Not only is it pleasing to the eye not too have all that mess but also it feels like a “breath of fresh air” to walk into our kitchen now.
Anyways, Dan and I would love to stay in touch with you ladies and keep our relationship alive. You two are a couple of gems and we’re glad we got to know you better!
As well, I would totally be remiss not to add that I have never seen two people work as hard and as long, you two are ultimate workhorses and your work ethic is impeccable! Thanks again!


Dear Ranka!

Thank you for all your hard work in our newly “revitalized” garage.
You and your team did all the “dirty” work that I didn’t have the heart to do myself. And you kept at it when I probably would have given up due to the seeming enormity of it all.

You probably also “saved” our marriage “(well maybe that’s a small exaggeration, but only small) since you got us both to throw things out without war!
Anyway, we wish you well in your business endeavours and I’m “chatting” up my friends about our experience. Sincerely, Suzanne, Vancouver BC

Patrick von Pander

Ranka is one of the most motivated, enthusiastic, passionate, caring, and entrepreneurial people I’ve met. She has a heart of gold and the spirit of a tidal wave … she’s a force! I highly recommend her and her company as a ridiculously good value.
Patrick von Pander, Technology Consultant & Business Growth Coach

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