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“What’s the Price of YOUR Procrastination?


Procrastination is probably the most unproductive habit known to mankind. It stifles
your personal growth, drains your bank account, robs your children of a better life
and limits your choices.

Yet 95% of us procrastinate! Some of us are not even aware of this self-sabotaging
behaviour. Another 25% of people are procrastinating on a daily basis; psychologists
call this behaviour “chronic procrastination.” Chronic procrastination is the conscious or
subconscious avoidance of doing something we don’t like or feel like doing. This becomes
a lifestyle habit that can affect generations.

It’s time to ask yourself:
• What’s the Price You’ve Paid for Postponing and Avoiding the Things You Have
to Do in Order to Live the Life You Want?
• How Do You Feel When You Procrastinate?
• Do You Realize that this Changeable Habit is Holding You and Your Family Back
from Living the Life You Desire and Deserve?
• Would You Like to Learn How to Overcome this Unhealthy Habit Once and For

In This Workshop You Will Learn:
• Why YOU Procrastinate
• 3 Powerful, Life Changing Tips to Beat Procrastination
• Why Time Management Doesn’t Work and Energy Management Does
• What Fears are Preventing You from Moving Forward
• Fun and Simple Tricks to Get You Excited & Inspired
• Real Life Stories of People Who Overcame Procrastination,
“What’s YOUR Port Mann Bridge?”

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